“I loved the US-Brazil Connect program! The culture was captivating, the weekend trips were exciting and beautiful, I received credits towards my degree, the experience was life changing and most of all I loved the kids! They were so amazing and inspiring, even in ways I did not expect. I think I learned more from them then they did from me. But most of all, I treasure the relationships I created that will last a lifetime! I would be honored to be a part of this incredible program again.” – Monica Peterson

Program Dates:

Travel to Brazil is for three to four weeks in June/July 2017 – exact dates TBD.

Program Overview

FVCC is looking for strong student fellowship candidates who have the drive and desire to thrive in the US-Brazil Connect Fellowship Program. The US-Brazil Connect Partnership for Skills Program links US Fellows and Brazilian technology high school students in a transformative cross-cultural learning experience. Selected Fellows prepare for and serve in a coaching and facilitation role designed to create a fun English immersion environment for Brazilian high school students. US Fellows build skills in global leadership, explore Brazil, and create life-changing relationships.

US-Brazil Connect Fellows serve as FVCC ambassadors.  Fellows receive lodging, meals, local transportation and a stipend in exchange for their program leadership. Scholarships are available.

Discover Your Future

It’s not study abroad, a tour, or typical travel to Brazil. It’s a challenging and rewarding fellowship, providing a deep experience in the real world of global leadership. You do not need to speak Portuguese. You must be prepared to work hard, solve problems in unfamiliar surroundings, overcome cross-cultural and language barriers, and contribute to building a supportive community.  You represent FVCC and our community and will gain:

  • Knowledge and in-depth experience of Brazil:  You learn about Brazil, the world’s 6th largest economy, through study prior to departure, intense interaction, a weekend workshop, and a 4-week immersion in Brazil. Students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply.
  • Learn and practice global leadership skills in action: You participate in a paid fellowship, serving as a coach, mentor, and facilitator to a group of 12-15 Brazilian high school students who are studying to enter technical fields and who need practice and exposure to native speakers to improve their English. You receive support and training for your role as a tutor and coach. Online tutoring and coaching using Facebook is for 8 weeks prior to travel and 8 weeks after you return. Travel to Brazil is for four weeks in June/July 2017.
  • Immersion, global leadership, critical thinking, and problem solving: True global leadership begins with direct experience of living, working and learning outside the United States.  You will work and live in Brazil for a 4-week period of intense interaction and learning with Brazilian students. Fellows from our 2013 to 2015 programs program report the experience does more than build skills and knowledge about Brazil—it inspires leadership, character development, self-discovery and service.
  • Connections, networks and community: You will build new networks, create relationships and see first-hand how global trends in innovation and technology are reshaping the world.

The application process is designed to identify participants with high potential as authentic leaders, effective agents of change, problem-solvers, and dedicated team builders.

Degree seeking students from all disciplines with a GPA of 2.5 or higher are encouraged to apply.  

Approximate Program Cost: $ 1,750

Cost does not include Tuition & Fees for 6 credits

Seminar Brazil Connect (3 credits, spring)

Internship Brazil (3 credits, summer)

For more information contact:

Gerda Reeb
LRC 139