Practical Nursing
  • Certificate of Applied Science (CAS)

The focus of the practical nursing curriculum is to provide education leading to basic knowledge of the biological, physical, behavioral, psychological, and sociological sciences and of nursing procedures. This program uses standardized procedures in the observation and care of the ill, injured, and infirm, in the maintenance of health, in action to safeguard life and health, and in the administration of medications and treatments. Upon completing of this program, students will:

  • Implement health promotion and disease prevention that is cost effective, comprehensive and coordinated;
  • Engage patient and families as partners in evidenced-based, ethical care, while respecting individual preference;
  • Integrate current research findings, expert opinion, clinical reasoning, and patient preferences in implementing a plan of care;
  • Demonstrate cooperation, coordination, and communication among team members, patients, and community populations to improve quality and enhance patient safety;
  • Recognize and assist in ongoing assessment of patient and systems with the goal of providing the highest level of patient care and outcomes;
  • Participate in utilization of technology as a member of the care team, to gather data, manage information, and improve communication to support clinical decisions;
  • Recognize basic safety principles and utilizes safety enhancing technology to reduce risk of harm to self and others.

(This program is also offered at the Lincoln County Campus.)

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