Choral Ensemble  (MUSI 147)

The FVCC Choral Ensemble is an energetic mixed non-audition choir.  This group rehearses and performs traditional choral literature once a semester.

Orchestra  (MUSI 108  Orchestra: FVCC)

The FVCC Orchestra is a non-audition orchestra that prepares and performs orchestral literature of the past and present.  This ensemble includes rehearsals and public performances and is available for all ages and levels.

Musical Theatre – Seminar Workshop (MUSI 194)

The FVCC Seminar Workshop (Musical Theatre) are lively and animated non-audition groups that present vocal, chorus, and/or pit orchestra training for theatrical productions including musicals, operas and other theatrical shows involving music.

String Ensembles  (MUSI 148z)

The FVCC String Ensembles prepare and perform worldwide professional orchestral and/or ensemble music literature of the past and present.  These courses support students in building their musical careers from quality performing to teaching.

Off-Campus Ensembles:

  • MUSI 112 Community Choir
  • MUSI 112 Glacier Chorale
  • MUSI 114 Community Band
  • MUSI 108 Glacier Symphony

If you would like to take part in an ensemble that is not on campus grounds and receive college credit please sign up for one of the above courses. Please contact Nicole S. Sanford at (406) 756-4813 or nsanford@fvcc.edu.