Lightning Lessons are electronic learning modules for topics that create roadblocks for student learning.  These are short learning modules that could be used in a variety of courses to help students brush up on concepts.

Funding Levels:

  1. Video in PPT, Screencast-o-matic, or other screen capture software ($250 each, up to 2 per year)
  2. Lightboard or LearningSpace mobile unit ($350 for first light board, $250 thereafter, up to 2 per year)

Videos will be uploaded to an Eagle Online course for faculty.  Faculty can copy whole modules, or select specific videos to share with their students.  (Note: Any videos that are used in online instruction need to be closed captioned.)


Basics of an excel spreadsheet
Determining credible / peer reviewed sources

How to write an abstract
How to set up a word document to meet APA guidelines
How to format a references page
Using the Ebsco database
Format a different first page / section breaks in Word

Exponent rules
Solving exponential and logarithmic equations
Unit circle
Translating word problems to equations

How to interpret a graph
Sterile technique
How to calculate dosages
Understanding significant figures