Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is an international honor society for two-year colleges whose mission is to recognize and encourage scholarship among college students.  Since 1918, this prestigious organization has provided personal, professional and leadership development, scholarship access and engagement opportunities for more than 3 million members worldwide.


Students who achieve outstanding academic achievement are eligible for membership. Criteria include the completion 12 semester credits and a minimum grade point average of 3.4.  FVCC’s local chapter, Alpha Iota Pi, provides members with opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in the four hallmarks of Phi Theta Kappa: scholarship, leadership, fellowship and service.


Scholarship:  Because membership demonstrates a commitment to scholarship, PTK provides more than $37 million in scholarships to four-year colleges and universities to support transfer students.

Leadership:  PTK Members have many opportunities to develop leadership skills, such as serving in an officer position or chairing a committee.

Fellowship:  Members are provided several opportunities to participate in social activities throughout the school year.

Service:  Phi Theta Kappa is a dedicated service organization.  Members participate in activities designed to improve their colleges and their local communities.

Commencement:  Each Phi Theta Kappan is entitled to wear a distinguished gold and navy blue stole and tassel at commencement. These items can be purchased or earned through active participation in your chapter.

2015-2016 officers:

President – Christina Nelson
Vice President – Lisa Bell
Secretary – Ashley Torrey
Treasurer – Nathalie Derozier
Public Relations – Kailey Hofstee

Fore more information, contact:

Christina Nelson
PTK President

Wendy Jeschke
Staff Advisor
(406) 756-3908

Faculty Advisor, Conrad Rauscher, Assistant Professor, English
Staff Advisor – Wendy Jeschke, Service Learning/AmeriCorps Coordinator

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