The Sprucewood Apartments consist of two-bedroom apartments for single students (two full-time students per unit). Full-time is defined as 12 or more semester credits per semester, excluding summer.


FVCC offers 15 two bedroom unfurnished apartments within a mile walking distance to the campus.   Apartments are equipped with a stove and refrigerator.

Rental Costs, Fees and Deposits

Rent, currently $325 per month per student, includes all utilities, cable and internet. Tenants will be notified at least 30 days in advance, if rental rates increase. The application includes a $150 application fee which will convert to a $150 deposit once a student moves into a student housing apartment. Any damage beyond normal wear and tear to the apartment will be billed to the student and/or deducted from the deposit.

FVCC is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items within the property.  Tenants should consider purchasing renter’s insurance.

Payment Policy

Rent is due by 5pm on the first business day of the month at the FVCC Business Office.  A $10 per day late fee will be assessed to the student’s account after the third business day of the month has passed for delinquent students.  Students may pay for multiple months of rent in advance.


Please report lost keys to the Student Housing Assistant or Student Housing Coordinator immediately.  A $35 fee will be assessed to re-key the apartment.

Maintenance, Inspection, Repairs and Alterations to Apartments

The college reserves the right to access apartments to perform maintenance, conduct life safety/health inspections, assess the condition of the property, determine when emergency conditions exist, or determine when state and/or federal laws are being violated.

Do not make alterations, additions, paint or repairs to the apartments.  Tenants may use Command Brand Products to hang pictures, etc. in the apartment.  Tenants are responsible for prompt reporting of any damages or necessary repairs to the Student Housing Assistant who is available on site or the Student Housing Coordinator at 756-3942 to initiate a work order.  For life threatening emergencies, call 911. Otherwise, contact the Student Housing Assistant or Student Housing Coordinator.

Storage and Parking

Outdoor storage buildings are not allowed.  Parking is available next to the apartments and along the street.  However, no boats, trailers, over-sized vehicles, etc. are to be stored or kept at or on the premises.

Air conditioners, electric heaters, candles, barbecues, waterbeds, and firearms are not permitted in the apartments or on the deck.  Neither tenants nor their guests are allowed to have pets, except for documented service animals.

Noise and Disturbance

Tenants have a right to enjoy their apartments which includes being considerate of noise levels of televisions, conversations, music, etc.  Please keep noise to a minimum especially during the designated quiet hours between 10:00pm and 8:00am, Sunday through Thursday.

Fire and Safety

Do not tamper with the smoke alarms/carbon monoxide detectors installed in each apartment.

Move-in and Check-out Procedures

The Student Housing Assistant or the Student Housing Coordinator will perform a walk through with each renter at the beginning and the conclusion of the rental agreement to access damages, etc.

Temporary Vacant Units & Apartment Guests

Please notify the Student Housing Assistant or the Student Housing Coordinator when leaving the apartment for more than 48 hours.

The person(s) listed on the contract are the only occupants of the apartment.  Any person not listed on the contract may not stay at the apartment without prior written consent from the Student Housing Assistant or the Student Housing Coordinator.

Violent or Sexual Offenders

Any student or student dependent who has been designated as a violent or sexual offender by the county, state or federal court requesting student housing must notify the Student Housing Coordinator of this information on the application.  The Student Housing Coordinator must also be notified when a student or tenant is designated as a violent or sexual offender within 24 hours following such designation.  FVCC reserves the right to review the offender’s status and the potential risk to the community due to the tenant’s residence in the Sprucewood Apartments. After such review FVCC may deny occupancy to the tenant based on the designation status.

Download the Student Housing Application

The Housing Office reserves the right to refuse housing to any student.  Occupancy is a privilege and continuation of this privilege is dependent upon reasonable and acceptable personal conduct, satisfactory academic progress and full-time academic status, and proper care of the apartment.

Mail or submit your housing application in person to Admission and Records, Blake Hall 111, along with the $150 application fee. Complete applications will be processed in a first-come, first-serve basis.  The Student Housing Coordinator will hold onto applications for six months.

The entire $150 application fee will be returned to the student, if at the end of six months, the student is not offered an apartment or if the student requests in writing to rescind his/her application prior to being offered an apartment.  If the student turns down an offer, he/she will receive the deposit, if the student notifies the Student Housing Coordinator at least 30 days in advance of the scheduled move-in date.

FVCC requires a 30 day written notice when vacating apartments.  If leaving during a month, rent shall be pro-rated.  FVCC reserves the right to terminate this agreement upon reviewing conduct issues, academic progress, credit load, etc.